About Us

A management team consisting of consultants and engineers with extensive experience in a wide spectrum of industries incorporated ETech IT Consultants Pte Ltd (ETech) in early year 2001. The primary business focus of ETech is the provision of consultancy services and labor in corporate information technology solutions, turnkey projects and ad-hoc assignments

Company Profile

ETech can play a part in improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of enterprise business through providing support functions and allowing the in-house IT team to focus on other their core business and other value-added duties. This in-turn keeps the operating expense of the company lean and focus. ETech envisions the future to pivot around the keyword “focus” - focus on their core business by maintaining only their key business components. As many credible analysts predict, enterprises face enormous risks if they remain resistant to change. To maintain market share and even sustenance, directors are encouraged to take part in enhancing managerial expertise through external consultancy disclosure. One of ETech’s objectives is to share their experience through this mean.