Due to the different scenarios and situations each company faces, ETech tailors the services to suit your individual needs. We aim to provide our clients with utmost commitment and advantage, so that we could enhance their businesses. Generally, we offer five main categories of business tools to enhance the client’s business model.

Planning and Design

Careful planning and design of network are crucial for survival in today’s competitive environment. By working closely with your organization as we understand your requirements, ETech will plan and implement strategies for improvement and scalability.

Sourcing & Purchasing

By consolidating our clients’ requirements for hardware and software, we often source for products on their behalf. At the same time, since we understand their infrastructure and needs, it is easier for us to recommend the appropriate items

Project Management

Mail migration, software upgrade, etc. are some of the projects that we commonly assist and co-ordinate for our clients. As these are ad-hoc assignments, it is tedious and not productive for their in-house staff to spend their limited time. Our duty is to keep the IT department informed of our progress in these projects.


In order to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership, it is necessary to assess the amount of time, effort and money that you spent to maintain your network and working stations in your organizations. We perform such contractual agreements with our clients with the general philosophy that we should be open-minded to suggestions and be pro-active in our diagnosis. Thus, allowing us to advise clients of their appropriate upgrades or repairs before their system fails.

Support Services

For an IT department to function efficiently, there are some support services that is required. On a required basis, ETech provides the following services:

  • IT Network Infrastructures
  • IT Maintenance Services
  • IT Services Outsourcing
  • CCTV / Security System
  • Project Management
  • ​Phone System
  • System Integration
  • Network Security
  • Mail Hosting